Episode 2: The Kiss

Episode 2 of the season, titled, “The Kiss,” aired on September 29, 2010. “The Kiss” pulled in about 11.9 million viewers, dropping a tad from the previous week.

In this episode, Claire gets a hold of Alex’s cell phone and reads texts that she’s exchanged with a boy named Jeremy. Claire, in fear of having another daughter grow up too quickly, asks Haley to talk to Alex, who is then convinced to kiss Jeremy so he won’t think she is a lesbian. So Alex takes the advice and confesses to Jeremy that she wants to kiss him; she then realizes that his entire soccer team is listening from behind the door, which leads to an extremely hilarious shot of her running as fast as her legs can possibly take her down the street. When she gets back home, the three Dunphy girls have a confrontation leading to Haley and Alex to believe that their mother was always a good girl.

Aaron Sanders as Jeremy and Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy

Aaron Sanders as Jeremy and Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy

Phil has been called by Jay to help him set up his new wireless printer. Phil thinks it will be an easy fix, but as true to Phil’s nature, things turn out to be more difficult than he intends. He goes into the attic to see if the router is the problem. He actually fixes the router and prints from within the attic, but he doesn’t find a picture when he comes back down and gets humorously frustrated. So what happened to the picture? Well, as it turns out, Manny and Luke had found the picture, but due to Gloria’s stories of her dead grandmother being in their house, Phil’s raucous from the attic, and the printer printing with no one around, they get scared and throw away the picture.

Nolan Gould as Luke Dunphy and Rico Rodriguez II as Manny Delgado

Later that night, everyone comes to Jay and Gloria’s house for dinner. While there, Gloria learns that Mitch has a hard time being affectionate; she believes he got that trait from his father so Gloria, Cam, and Claire insist that Jay show affection to his son by kissing him (yes, they went there!). Jay, for being accuse of causing his children problems, reveals that Claire had once been arrested for skinny dipping, leading to another argument between Alex and Claire.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett and Ed O'Neill as Jay Pritchett

When Alex and Claire arrive home, Claire comes clean about her wrongdoings and then tells Alex that Jeremy is waiting for her outside. Jeremy tells Alex that he would’ve kissed her if his teammates weren’t around, but they decide to hold off on the kissing for a while. After that touching moment, we get another when Jay kisses his hand which he then puts on Manny’s head while he sleeps. Jay then informs Gloria that her knows about her antics for the day (making him slap meat, and wear shoes around his neck for insulting her culture) but he forgives her and they share a kiss.

One more fact I think you should know: Phil gets extremely queasy around paint We see it a couple times in this episode and it’s hilarious! Just had to mention the best gag of the episode.

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Episode 1: The Old Wagon

The first episode of the season, titled “The Old Wagon,” brought in about 12.6 million viewers when it aired on September 22, 2010.

The episode starts with Phil and Claire in the garage of their home. An old station wagon parked in the middle of the room gets in their way, so Claire convinces Phil to sell it. They get the kids to help clean out the car and they discover many memories stowed away inside. Claire gets upset when she realizes that her children are growing up, so in an effort to cheer her up, Phil turns the car into a “time machine” and the family “travels back to a simpler time.” While the family eats dinner in the car, the car had a number of different malfunctions. As tension builds in the old wagon, the family exits the car only to watch it roll away down the hillside. Phil jumps on the hood of the car in a desperate attempt to save it which leads to Claire giving us the best line of the episode, “What’s the plan, Phil!” which the kids laugh about later.

Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy

Meanwhile, Mitch feels the need to build Lily a play castle. Cam, scared for his life, decides to call Jay to help them build the castle. When Cam suggests that Mitch go sort bolts, Mitch gets defensive that Cam has called him out on his lack of carpentry skills and leaves. Jay and Cam decide to take a break, too, so Mitch sneaks back to the castle to prove his worth. But poor Mitch gets stuck inside! And when Cam and Jay leave him in there to not hurt his ego, a bird flies in which leads to some funny noises coming from within the castle.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett

While Jay is away, Gloria gets jealous of the new girl in Manny’s life. In one of the mock interviews, Gloria reveals that Colombian mothers are extremely attached to their sons, and it doesn’t help that the girl is trying to control and change Manny. Gloria is shocked and touched to see her son come home early from his movie date. They have a nice, mother-son moment, but it is short-lived when Manny picks up the phone to call yet another girl.

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Inaugural Post

Hi there!

This is an entire blog based on season 2 of the ABC hit show, “Modern Family!” For those of you who haven’t seen an episode of the show’s first season, let me provide you with some background/character analysis:

The series focuses on the daily lives of one mixed family. Jay Pritchett is the patriarchal figure of the family. Jay is in a new marriage with Gloria, a young, feisty Columbian woman. Gloria has a son from her previous marriage named Manny, who is about ten years old but acts very mature for his age. Jay had two children with his ex-wife who are now grown up and have families of their own. Jay’s daughter, Claire, got married to Phil Dunphy, a self-titled “cool dad.” Together they had three children: Haley, a typical teenage girl, Alex, the smartest of the three children, and Luke, the quirky youngest son. Jay’s son, Mitch, and his life partner, Cam, have adopted a Vietnamese baby which they name Lily. The three family units live in separate houses in the same town, so they are always interacting with each other.

Here is the family tree:

With character mixes like these, there are always crazy antics, hilarious gags and one-liners, and touching family moments throughout the series.

The Family

From here on out, I will create a new post for each episode and discuss the stories, character mixes, gags, and anything else I feel like talking about so… Enjoy!

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